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Sonoma County fires

With the recent fires in Sonoma County our heart and thoughts are with everyone displaced by this disaster. We have sucessfully restored several clients in the area back to normal operating status with our backups.

Key Features

Files are backed up each night after hours
We monitor the success or failure of each backup
Catastrophic Server Failure can be restored in minutes from a local USB copy Saves file or document versions 90 days or longer
Restore individual Exchange boxes without having to restore the entire Exchange File Structure
Smart software backs up changes only, saving bandwidth and time

More Features

HIPAA and HITECH compliant encryption is used in transit and storage
Backups are encrypted, we can't even read them
Direct phone support for setup
No more manually taking backup tapes offsite
No worries of stolen or lost tapes or disk drives
Satisfies disaster recovery requirements of customers and outside auditing firms

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